Once-in-a-lifetime To make the special moments last longer. Evergreen style & comfort that literally stand the test of time.

One-of-a-Kind To remind you how beautiful you are inside and out. Be your irreplaceable self.

One-of-a-Kindness To spread the love all over the world. Every pair supports a cause.

“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.” -Audrey Hepburn


Hey Lady, the brainchild of twins Emily & Jessica Leung, is a vintage chic with modern comfort special occasion shoe; fusing style, technology, and personality into a perfect fit. Always known as the Leung Twins, they live by the mottos “Everything with a sense of style & humor” and the improv rule of thumb “Yes, and.”

Hey Lady debuted online in Spring 2009 and grew from word of mouth. They have shipped to 35+ countries from the United Arab Emirates to New Zealand, providing an accessible luxury with lasting comfort to brides, bridesmaids, MOBs, and dancing queens worldwide.

The Leung Twins have been named WWD/Footwear New's "Ones to Watch," Entrepreneur Magazine's "Sibling Dream Teams," and Forbes Magazine's "Glampreneurs." They will be bringing Little Lady mommy & me shoes, as well as RetroFIT- your perfect fit, ultimate comfort shoe bespoke shoe to you soon.
EST 2009

“I want originality.”said one. “Yes, and personality!” said the other. “YES, AND COMFORT-ality!!” said both. What is one without the other? As their mom would say, “Half the fun.”


Hey Lady is a heart-centric company and considers themselves in the LOVE biz. Naturally their heritage originated with weddings and have since expanded to all special occasions: your daily life.

Love yourself, love your body, love your journey.

Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels. –Bertoff Brecht


Hey Lady rebels against trend-driven, fast-fashion copycats with completely original designs. These classic-with-a-twist styles are as fun, unique, and sassafras as the wearer herself. Always effortlessly chic, the versatile collections span occasions and generations having been worn on all ages 14-94.

Ageless, Season-less, & Timeless

“She has that certain…je ne sais quois.”



Hey Lady LLC

Feb 17


The Leung Twins are born in the porn capital of the world.  They are appalled by their mom’s super shoulderpads and dad’s loud perm.  Their sartorial..Read More

Jan 01


The family moves to pre-Google Silicon Valley, only a few miles from NASA, because their dad reasoned “it’s not the porn capital of the world.”  The..Read More

Jan 01


Cross country and track evolve into an annual half-marathon tradition.  Lots of lost toenails, bleeding blisters, and even broken toes and medical boots don’t stop them..Read More

Apr 01


-Jessica plans her (first) wedding.  She needed “not basic” shoes to get her down the aisle, and then as far away from the groom as humanly..Read More

May 01

-Emily witnesses firsthand “shoe graveyards” at multiple weddings, where everybody leaves them to die in a pile while they dance barefoot.  It’s not the good kind..Read More

Jun 01

series of misfortunate events and an epiphany inspires the creation of Hey Lady Vintage Chic Modern Comfort shoes.

Jul 01

-Jessica blacks out from the blindingpain of dancing in fancy designer shoes until 3am and has to be “that girl” carried to her room.  The next..Read More

Aug 01

-During one particularly bloody half-marathon, the twins experience their second ESP moment ever.   Standing on your feet all day in a 10lb wedding dress =..Read More

Sep 01

-An athletic-grade special occasion shoe was born. Emily quits her job the next week. Jessica moves up from LA and gets an annulment while crafting the..Read More

Mar 01

March 2009

Launch online Spring 2009 Wedding collection and begin shipping to brides, bridesmaids, MOBs, and dancing queens.

Apr 01

With ZERO design experience, industry connections, traditional advertising, SEO, or asking their mom and friends to like their Facebook page…they grow entirely by word of mouth..Read More

May 01

Hey Lady is most proud ofbeing worn on 3 generations at once, and from ages 14-94.

Nov 01

November 2012

Jessica is diagnosed with sperminalschmancer, aka terminal cancer with a 0% survival rate and months to live (toughladieskicksass.blogspot.com).  She’s shipped to Hong Kong and starts “palliative”..Read More

Feb 01


Hey Lady blogs for Huffington Post

Feb 15

Shoe debuts on the Oscar and Emmys red carpet circuit.

Feb 17

Their best-selling At Tiffany’s is BHLDN’s top volume driver for 3 years

Oct 01

They celebrate being named WWD/Footwear News “Ones to Watch”.

Nov 01

All while Emily breaks up with long-distance boyfriend and Jessica kicks chemo’s fat ass.  It was the best of times and the worst of times.

Apr 01

April 2014

Jessica makes an unprecedented recovery, officially declared a dancing “medical miracle”. Checks off the I’m Aliiiiive Bucket List by dominating Yosemite’s half-dome, a sprint tri, and..Read More

May 01

Emily hosts rare cancer research fundraisers:Soul Cycle, Whoop Schmancer, Win a Date with Twins! and Hallowtwiin: 50 Shades of Cray.

Jun 01

Jessica hits a wall, takes an indefinite business pause, and eats her guilt in bed

Jul 01

Discover counterfeit Hey Lady on the market and that their factory agent was plagiarizing their brand.

Aug 01

Meanwhile there is something called Google Mobile-geddon and Facebook-pocalypse.

Jan 01


Emily hits wall, switching gears from a tunnel-vision survival mode to WTH-just-happened mode

Feb 01

PTSG Post-traumatic growth period. Emily & Jessica reflect upon the meaning of life and the future of their company baby as if they really only had..Read More

Mar 01

What more could they do…for you…with a shoe?  Did they even want a shoe…to do…and for who?

Apr 01

Bridesmaid dresses meant go-with-everything shoes

3 years from the first official “incurable” terminal diagnosis, the twins attend a record number 9 weddings and are asked to be bridesmaids 3x in six..Read More

Nov 07

Identical twins, not identical feet

They had a 3rd ESP moment. Even identical twins don’t have identical feet. Everybody in this world is completely unique. A PERFECT FIT tailored as unique..Read More

Dec 01

They decided they wanted the “total package”-the new trophy wife, their Amal Clooney, and they were willing to work and wait for it.  Shoes with beauty,..Read More

Dec 15

Beauty, Brains, Personality, & HEART

They had beauty (finest materials), brains (NASA insoles and comfort fit), and personality (inspired by unforgettable women in history).  The last puzzle piece to be whole..Read More

Feb 14


Kickstart the year with Hey Lady on ABC’s The Bachelorette wedding and the entire bridal party.

Mar 01

Turning it all upside down for New Beginnings

The twins and their mom start over from scratch and commit to go all in, sparked and spurred by an enriched global love mission.  Over a..Read More

Dec 01

Wrapping up Fall/Winter 2016

A rollercoaster #LadyBoss year ends with wrapping it up as Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Sibling Dream Teams,” live on Fox, and Forbes Magazine’s “Glampreneurs.”

Mar 01

RELAUNCH August 2017

RE-LAUNCH TIME  First new styles in years due August!  So excited to be working with a multi-generational family global shoemaker!! A new mobile, global, beautiful website with..Read More

Mar 01


Leading Lady Bespoke shoes with BEspoke values. Be Authentic, Be Brave, Be Kind, Be Giving, Be You.

Mar 01

A Perfect Fit

Fall real world testing begins for Spring 2018 Launch of Hey Lady RetroFIT Finding your perfect fit with a custom bespoke shoe.

Jul 15

Sneak Peek: Honeymoon Collection here we come

Get ready to travel the world with us- walking on cobblestones, climbing cliffside towns, running through airports.  We’re real world testing it all for the next..Read More

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