Some of the most frequently asked questions we get, besides
How do you tell the twins apart?

"Emily-Blonder/Tanner/Pinterest. Jessica-Dimples/Tattoos/Instagram

How often do you come out with new styles?

We design only when inspired, it can be anywhere from 8 months 18 months  we will introduce a new style.  New colors for existing styles could be as soon as every month.

How often do you restock?

If a style is discontinued, is there a chance it will be brought back?

What shade of whites are your whites?

Whites will depend on material and production run?  Most of our “whites” are considered an off-white.

Do VIPs receive special bonuses and offers?

Not only do we have improved offers for VIPs in our reload bonuses and cashback promotions – but you can also enter VIP-only races for huge prizes! Check the Promotions page to see what special competitions we are running right now!

Do you ship internationally?

Prestigious special events...

Live the VIP lifestyle when we invite you to attend our prestigious events. Here are some of the places we sent our VIPs recently:

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