What’s your personal love story in 3 sentences? Here’s mine told in 3 #tattoos. Stayed at the PeninsulaHotel in Hongkong for our 3rd date & got matching tattoos. He proposed on FraserIsland in Australia. Married in my 3rd pair of HeyLadyShoes. The...

Lynze and John New Years New Orleans wedding
I wanted to sleep in them

I wanted to sleep in them

Last night I came home from a horrible day – a long train ride to and from Rhode Island to give a presentation to a client I just do not enjoy, all with a developing cold. And what was waiting for me? The marigold Taken sample shoe you guys hooked me up with. I...

My wedding shoes came in and I couldn’t be more impressed! They’re soo beautiful and fit amazingly. Can’t wait to rock these, worth every penny!
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